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To better use this site we recommend you to read this Guidelines section carefully. This may give you better understanding how it all works and how you can better use it. First of all, after registration you need to:

  1. Fill out your Profile on your personal page (just find Edit tab there), and
  2. Become a member of any Community you wish (Subscribe). We recommend you first of all be a member of your own Community, the location where you permanently live. And after that you can also subscribe to other Communities where you lived or traveled before and want to share your knowledge and help.

And after you've done with the above - you're ready to go.

Daijoobu is a social network where people help each other, giving best advice how to have a better experience in travel locations. Usually locals are helping foreign tourists showing their hospitality. But sometimes foreigners who know well that particular location can also give great advice from their previous experience.